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Yellow Medicine Review: A Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art, and Thought

Guest Editor for Spring 2018 Issue: Janet Marie Rogers

Spring 2018 CFS

R-E-S-P-E-C-T : Find out What it Means to Me

 Respect. Are you getting some? Can you define what it is for you? Sick of not getting your share? How can you tell when you're in a  respectful exchange and when not? Where did you learn "respect" and  who taught you?

The concept of respect is rife with assumption. What one person believes to be respectful can be downright insulting to another. In Indigenous communities, not only is the concept of respect very important but so is the behaviour exhibited along with it. Respect can be a currency, of equal or less than equal value. How do you balance the books?

This call is asking you to share your creative expressions of respect, of disrespect, of respect for the land and other non-human relations. Respectful behaviours within families; what is unique to your family. Has the way you display respect changed as you've grown older? How do we teach respect. How do we live in respectful ways with one another and with our territories?

Tell us about it. We are looking for personal stories, poetry, fiction, science fiction, experimental multi-genre, give us what you got. Let's come together in a respectful way and share our teachings, our wants, needs and desires around one of the seven sacred Indigenous virtues. We want your submissions to inspire, to stretch our beliefs of respect as far as it will go, to inspire debates and leave us holding our hearts. Respect; give it to us.

Deadline: March 15, 2018

Publication: May 2018

Please adhere to the following YMR submission format:
• Send work as electronic files in Word or rtf attachments to:
• Name your file with YMR and [Your Name].doc (ex: YMRJudyWilson.doc.)
• Include a brief bio along with your email and snail mail contact information
• Amend the subject line of your email submission to read as follows: YMR Spring 18 Last Name (ex: YMR Spring 18 Wilson)