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YMR Fall 2020 Call for Submissions


"Women's Wisdom, Women's Strength"


 Guest Edited by 


CMarie Fuhrman

"Remember that I am just a woman who is living a very abundant life. Every step I take forward is on a path paved by strong Indian women before me."   ~Wilma Mankiller                                                                                                 


Let us celebrate Native Women. Let us recognize them. Let them not be forgotten.


From our grandmothers and aunties and sisters to the women who write stories, lead states, and sit as poet laureate for the United States, we turn to Native women for their strength, wisdom, and leadership. In this issue of the Yellow Medicine Review, we ask you to celebrate with us.


We want to hear stories, poems, songs, dreams, letters, and imaginings of Native Women. We hope to break stereotypes, to highlight the mission of #MMIWG, and to talk about the lack of historical reproductive rights of Native women. Write a letter to a Native woman you admire. Tell us what it is like to be a Native woman, to be a two-spirit woman; and men, tell us how the women in your life influenced you, molded you, supported you. 


Write about or to our Mother Earth, write a manifesto for your daughters, write about the great grandmother you never met.


"oh woman

remember who you are


it is the whole earth."


"The Blanket Around Her" - Joy Harjo 


When we sing and cry and write to the women in our lives, who have made our lives, who continue life, we give them strength and we build our own wisdom.


Write, sing, cry.




CMarie Fuhrman



 Submit work as an email attachment to:

 Please include a short bio as well as your physical mailing address.


Deadline for Submissions:  October 1, 2020


Expected Publication Date:  Mid to Late November 2020


Please adhere to the YMR submission format:


• Send work as a Word or rtf attachment to:   If there is unusual formatting in your piece, then please also send a PDF of the work.

• Amend the subject line of your email to read as follows: YMR Fall 2020 Last Name (ex: YMR Fall 2020 Wilson)



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