Yellow Medicine Review: A Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art, and Thought


YMR Fall 2019 Call for Submissions 


"The Awareness Light Issue"



Guest Edited by Paul Rowley (enrolled member Tlingit & Haida of Alaska and also Blackfeet & Cree from Montana)




Instead of a long, drawn out, keyword-strewn call for writing, I want to keep it simple.



Any genre. No cries.


Bonus for Montana connections. Be fun, funny, visual, coherent, structural. Bust out the best of your culture. Any food/harvest/creating type writing is triple bonus.



Super Extra Quadruple Bonus for breaking all the rules and changing my mind.



Submit work as an email attachment to:



Please include a short bio as well as your physical mailing address.



Deadline for Submissions:  September 10, 2019


Expected Publication Date:  Late October



Please adhere to the YMR submission format:


• Send work as a Word or rtf attachment to:   If there is unusual formatting in your piece, then please also send a PDF of the work. 


• Amend the subject line of your email to read as follows: YMR Fall 19 Last Name (ex: YMR Fall 19 Wilson)



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